Road Apple Roubaix-Round V!

Get ready to rock your 2019 season by kicking it off with our FIFTH edition of the Road Apple Roubaix which will be held Saturday, March 2, 2019 starting at 10AM!

For 2019, there will be 3 route options-

  • 15 Miler-This is fairly flat, beginner friendly course mainly on the Headwater’s trail and some quiet rural roads.
  • 25 Miler-This route will test riders with plenty of gravel, some pavement, a few good climbs including heckle hill  and the potential for mud and perhaps even some snow and ice!
  • 40 Miler-This route includes the entire 25 mile route with an additional 15 miles on gravel on the northernmost section of the course and will offer the most scenic Amish views!

This is an opportunity to tour some of the quiet, less-traveled roads out in the country while avoiding any steamy road apples!

Note:  There is a mass start at 10 AM sharp of the 25 & 40 milers complete with some strava segments.  NEW for 2019, while this is not a “race” we will run it as a grand fondo and offer timing so you can see where you stack up with other riders! 15 milers will start two minutes after the mass start.