Strava Challenge

Again for 2022, there will be a STRAVA challenge.  In keeping with the past, the KOM/QOM on the Alpha Road /”Heckle Hill” segment will get a COMP 23 entry.

Details from the 2021 race are below!

Swine Creek Road Climb: Joshua Sayre (:55), Cameron Kortes (:55), and Marshall Beebe (:56)
Agler Road Gravel: Kein Denzler (5:55), Spencer Grassi, Alex Boardman and Brian Bishop all at 5:57
Ryder Road Climb: Spencer Grassi, Kein Denzler, Brian Bishop and Vinay Chaudhary all at 1:45
Swine Creek Road Climb: Samantha Brode (1:12), Jennifer Redding (1:14) and Maggie Livelsberger (1:18)
Agler Road Gravel: Samantha Brode (7;33), Jillian Hall (7:41) and Anne Marie Oswald (8:15)
Ryder Road Climb: Jennifer Redding (2:16), Samantha Brode (2:24), and Jillian Hall (2:41)

And now the one that counts for the KOM/ QOM COMP entry for 2022….

1. Spencer Grasi (2:13)
2. Alex Boardman (2:19)
3. Kein Denzler & Brian Bishop (2:20)

1. Jennifer Redding (3:07) Since there was a tie, tie-breaker goes to entire Alpha road segment.
2. Maggie Livelsberger (3:07)
3. Samantha Brode (3:09)