Strava Challenge

THIS EVENT IS NOT A RACE, BUT FOR 2017, WE HAVE THE STRAVA GO FAST CHALLENGE SPONSORED BY GARRETTSVILLE’S OWN, CHARLES AUTO FAMILY. To keep things interesting, we are back again with the STRAVA King and Queen of the Mountain challenge (KOM/QOM)!


There is a strava segment for ALL 3 routes this year. Each starts after the main light in downtown Garrettsville and ends at the bridge over Eagle Creek just before the main light in town.

There will be 4 additional segments to add in some fun which will all be marked-
1. Norton Road Gravel: ~at 5 mi for 25& 40 mi routes- This is a short 0.2 mil gravel climb early in the course.
2. Agler Road Gravel: ~at 11mi for 25 &27mi for 40-  This is a long 2 mile uphill gravel segment.
3. Alpha Road Climb “Heckle Hill”- this super fun 0.4 mile segment will award the KOM and QOM a comp entry for 2018 RAR!! ~at 18.5mi for 25 & 33mi for 40.
4. Ryder Road Climb- at 19.5mi for 25 & 34 mi for 40- This is a chip and seal, very open, uphill 0.5 mil climb which is the last good one.

We will have the start and finish of the strava segments marked. Be sure to upload your data to strava after the event. We will compile the results of the event participants and we will announce the winners on Saturday, March 11th! Course segments are for bragging rights only! HOWEVER, the KOM and QOM of #3 Alpha Road hill segment will receive a COMP ENTRY for 2018! 


Congrats to Matthew Schieferstein and Susan Anderson who won last year and received COMP Entries to the 2017 event!!!